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Mothers Who Think: Tales of Real-Life Parenthood
National Bestseller 
mothers who think

Wistful, tender, hilarious...will move you the way only good writing can. 
-Chicago Tribune

Mothers Who Think is a national bestseller and winner of the American Book Award. It is comprised of nearly forty essays by writers grappling with the new and compelling ideas that motherhood has dangled before them. Elevating the discussion of motherhood above the level of tantrum control and potty training, this collection covers an unparalleled range of topics, from the impossibility of loving your children equally to raising a son without a father, from worrying that your priviledged black child is become too 'white' to the free-floating anger most mothers feel but wouldn't dare admit - except to other mothers. These essays are a testament to the notion that motherhood gives women more to think about, not less.  Forward by Anne Lamott.


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