Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding
Her Inner French Girl

Yes, there was a time when books about French women were few and far between...


Reams have been written trying to decode the mystery of a people who smoke, drink, eat goose fat, and still look fabulous.  Entre Nous was written at the turn of the century (that's right), before books about these people - namely French women - became an industry. Provocative and practical, Entre Nous explores the world of the French woman in its many iterations.


"Ollivier dishes on that 'je ne sais quoi' that French women seem to have, and how American women can attain it. - Dallas Morning News


"A fun, interesting read with more to offer than fasion tips...(Ollivier) cracks the French style code." - Palm Beach Post


"The French have always been a...free and Rabelaisian people. They are cool, resourceful, and crack jokes about the relations between the sexes, and are used to the frank discussion of what someone tactuflly called 'the operations of nature.'" - Edith Wharton