Because I Said So: 33 Mothers Write About Children, Sex, Men, Aging, Faith, Race & Themselves 

Skip the flowers and candy this Mother's Day, and buy this book instead. - Publishers Weekly


Because I Said So is a new collection of fiercely honest essays that captures the challenges of motherhood in the twenty-first century as no other book has. Deeply thoughtful and enlightening, the stories range from the anguish of giving up child custody to the guilt of having sex in an era of sexless marriages; from learning to love the full-speed testosterone chaos of boys to raising girls in a perversely sexualized culture; from facing racial and religious intolerance with your children to surviving cancer and rap simultaneously. Told in prose that is as unabashedly frank as it is lyrical, this is the collective voice of real mothers in all their humor, anger, vulnerability, grace, and glory. 




“There are anthologies about dieting, Jewish guilt, divorce and breaking up with your friends, and forthcoming ones about money, aging and women behaving badly. But the books that give off the most heat … tend in one way or another to be about motherhood. … In terms of literary quality, by far the best of the anthologies is Because I Said So." - The New York Times


"A searing collection of essays from thirty-three women facing the challenges of motherhood in the twenty-first century.... from a terrific lineup of first-rate writers." - Bookpage


"Fierce, honest stories that are distinguished by their originality." - Chicago Tribune


"The follow-up to the bestselling anthology Mothers Who Think features thirty-three similarly candid, irreverent essays bound to inspire passionate dialogue about modern motherhood."

- San Antonio Express-News


"Women will appreciate the humor and candor, and men will gain insight into the stunning challenges of motherhood." - Booklist